Add a refresh option to board view on the mobile apps

Could we please have a way to refresh the board on the mobile apps?

The board list can be refreshed with a quick pull down. But when we’re viewing a board, there’s no way to initiate a refresh other than going back to the board list and coming back in.

In most cases when the Monday app does not have focus (ie using another app or phone screen is off), updates to the board will not be pushed through. Every time a user wakes up their phone or returns to the board from another app, they are required to remember to go back to the board list and then reopen the board. My users are couriers and they can’t leave the board open on the screen since they also need google maps, and the phones spend a lot of time in their pockets as they walk around. We use Android phones currently, but had the same issue when we used iphones.

I’ve tried getting this fixed with support a year ago, but was essentially told that the devs gave up trying. So I’m asking again for something that should be fairly easy to implement since it already works on the board list.

Please give us a pull down to refresh or a refresh button next to the search button on boards.