Add ability to expand item view drawer to occupy the entire board view space


There are many use cases where item views added by apps would have a much better and more feature rich UX if they can occupy more screen space than the current right sided drawer, which is very limited in size.

My specific use case is using eazyform to edit an existing item, so I’d like to be able to display eazyform in the same way I display it in eazyform’s board view, including the ability to edit the structure of the form for items.

Would be nice to have a generic expand button that expands the item view drawer to take on the entire board view space, and then a collapse button to go back to the regular drawer size.

A similar more specific feature request has been upvoted 10 times, but this will solve it for all item views.

@Ben , @dipro is this on the roadmap?


Hi @rbabayoff!

At this time, I don’t believe we have plans to implement this in the near future, however I would be more than happy to submit this for consideration.

We do have the ability to drag the Item View to be wider (it wouldn’t take up the whole screen unfortunately). I know this perhaps isn’t as convenient as a simple click to expand/shrink, but wanted to include it here.


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