Add concatenated column values as labels to a dropdown cell

Would be helpful to have an extended solution to the column magic: Change Dropdown Labels where concatenated or single columns could be added to the labels element with formula expression(s).

Add {Log Date} {Log Time Start} to labels element of automation “When button clicked then action existing labels of of dropdown using this labels”
Result: A record like “04/01/2024 09:00 AM” added as label and cell value to dropdown column


Great suggestion! Glad you found our newest little feature!

Just a warning: there is a limit of 500 labels per dropdown. And while this can remove labels from the the items column value, it cannot remove unused labels from the list of labels added to the column. So depending on usage (esp. with using times like that) I could see this being a problem.

@H2O2 check for the “Change Dropdown Using Patterns” action!

You can build text patterns, separated by commas. Each pattern will get resolved with the column text values. If a column contains commas it WILL NOT get split into separate labels - but remain a single label value. (names with commas for example won’t get split). Obviously, formula columns are not supported.

This version will of course also work without using any column values, just a list of comma separated values like the other version.

At this time, there is not an option on how to format dates because as I mentioned before, dates can be problematic as they could rapidly consume your 500 label limit on the column. But I’m open to being persuaded.

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