Add new pulses at the top of board or group

Is there any way to make new pulses added via API at the top of the lists? I noticed that pulses created via API v1 come up at the top, but this does not happen with API v2.
It is kind of essential for us to be able to do that, since our agents are working with the boards and usually pick the items to work on at the top.

Hey @PabloVerano,
currently it is not possible to add new items to the top of the group.
API v2 works similarly to the way our platform works (adding an item from the “New” button or from the new item row on the bottom of each group).
A solution I can suggest is using an sort by creation time on your board with the creation log column.
You can add a creation log column from the column store and order it reverse like so:

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Thanks for your response @Ayelet!
I just noticed that I can “save” the sorting. Is this saving to the view I have selected?
If this is affecting the view for all the team members in the board, then this will fix my issue from now on.

Hey @PabloVerano – yes indeed! Saving the sort will rearrange the items on your group for both you and the rest of your team. Sounds like this solves your issue!

The sorted column, even when saved, unfortunately won’t automatically sort newly inserted items in the group.

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You are right! I didn’t notice because I started using API V1 to create new items again.

@Ayelet @dipro Is there any way to make new items to be automatically sorted by the saved sorting columns?


Hey @PabloVeranoand @agranville – correct, the “Save button” rearranges the positions of the items but the sort will not persist if you then try to manually rearrange them or add new items.

This is a request I’ve seen before – I’ll pass your feedback along to our Product team so they can review it!


Thanks dipro-monday! This is a must have feature


The title says exactly what I would love to be able to. Add new items on top, through the API and in a board.

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Any news about this?

Is there an update on this feature being available?

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Is there an. update to this?

Hey everyone! Just want to chime in that this would also be a good feature for my team.

@Ayelet Hi! I would also like to ask if this feature is going to be considered?

I would like to use that too. Come on @dipro , it cannot be that hard to implement it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seconded. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hello @tswartz!

I have added your vote to it :slightly_smiling_face:

As someone who manages a daily influx of dozens of new pulses across multiple boards — and needs to collapse groups for organization — the ability to add a pulse to the top of an expanded group would make life much, much easier.

Hello there @editor_in_chief,

Thank you for your use case and your feedback!

I have added your vote for this :slightly_smiling_face: