Add option to snooze a pulse

In the item options available at … button would be helpful to have Snooze option, like in Gmail for emails. This action would hide a pulse for the period of time selected and bring it back into the same place when the time passed.

For example, I develop something and I want to see if it works, for this I give it one week in the wild. After a week I come and see it does work and I do the work to integrate it definitively, or on contrary to clean up the custom work and be done with it.
For this I need a follow up task to jump into my view in a given time from now.
I am sure I can do with automation the same thing, but to bring up that overwhelming UI just for this is overkill. Automations are supposed to be repetitive anyway.

So I would just make a follow up task (you know it as pulse), in the correct board, in correct group, and just select it, chose Snooze and select a time option like in Gmail (Next week, One week later, A month, Select date time - custom). The task would disappear and at given date/time would appear back. We need probably a filter to find these snoozed tasks if we need to.

This is a great idea. I’m trying to figure out an easy way to do this, and the only way I can think of is a ‘snooze’ status, and create an automation to hide, then eventually unhide that item.