Add user to team via API

Over at I find a number of calls that allow me to get information about teams and users. What I don’t find is any way to make changes to the users.

I have a new team that I need to add nearly all of my users to. Support tells me that there’s no (easy) way in the GUI, so I was hoping that there was some way via the API.

I don’t see it.

Is there any API access to MODIFY users or teams?

Hey @Knobee – welcome to the community!

I’m afraid at the moment our API doesn’t support programatically adding or removing users from a given team. You’ll need to manually add them via the GUI.

If you happen to be using SSO with Okta or OneLogin you can sync teams from your IdP to your account, but that’s only relevant if you happen to have that set up… Here’s more information on SCIM provisioning.

SSO via AD (Azure). No-joy.

Alas. Either way, I’ll pass this along as feedback to our team – if it gets a lot of +1s we’ll include it in an upcoming iteration!

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