Added "Auto-Populate" fields in item do not appear in the destination MS Teams channel

Good morning, all.

I recently posted about an error message I had encountered when trying to program a M.c-to-Teams automation. A redeployment on the M365 administrator’s page solved that problem, so thanks to the tech support team for that help.

I am writing here to discuss a new issue. My M.c item appears in Teams just fine now, but it does not include any of the optional “auto-populate” buttons that I added to the programmed automation. These include To, Priority, and Due Date. All are important, and they are definitely something I would want my litigation team to see without having to navigate back to the authoring M.c board.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I’ve tried lots of variation, e.g. where I place the optional buttons (before the default text, after the default text, in the midst of the default text, and even replacing the default text), with spaces, without spaces, no carriage-returns, etc., but none of that matters.


Ps. As a bonus, if anyone has figured out a way to flag the automation as a bold-typefaced “unread” item within Teams … that news would be great, too! As it stands, the arrival of the M.c task doesn’t seem to trigger any sort of notice in Teams.

Hi Tom, first I would check whether other users are having the same problem as you. Then I would suggest that the users having this problem raises a help desk ticket with monday. It’s often useful to include a short video clip along with your request to illustrate the problem.