Adding a "Days Since" tracker

We use Monday for Solar.

On a board, each “item” is a Solar Job.

Each Solar job has many sub items.

We have a subitem on each job that says that our G99 application has been submitted.

I’d like a column on each job that displays the DAYS SINCE G99 was submitted.

How would I do this?

I guess maybe another colour that logs the date the G99 was marked as sent, then a “Days since” column that logs the days since that date.

Can anyone help with this.


Hi @Ben-ElecInn ,

You’ll need a couple of columns, a recipe and a formula, but we can get you there.

  • Use a date column to record the date the G99 is submitted.
  • Use another date column and call it ‘Today’s Date’ or whatever you like.
  • Set automation recipe: “when Today’s Date arrives, set Today’s Date to today”
  • Use a formula column with the DAYS function to show you the days between.

DAYS({Today’s Date},{Submission Date}) if you get stuck.

Team Easy :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ben-ElecInn, what @TeamEasy will work for sure. Another option would be to create a Formula column on your subitems that looks for the specific task name (ie. “G99 Submitted”) it will then caluclate the number of days since the date logged. All the other subtasks will be shown as zero and will not affect the tally. Then show this column on the Parent item.


Hope this helps!