Automated time tracking

This is my first post here so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong arena. I use an application called jot form that collects data and automatically creates task items in on my boards. All I am looking to do is to create a log of the time the item is created, and then a log of the time that the status changes to complete to calculate the average amount of time these requests are taking to complete.

Hi @Nathanbar - welcome to the community! This is easily enough accomplished. Within monday there is a column type called “Creation Log” which will log the date when a new record was added. Then you can create a new date column on your board (call it Completion Date or alike) and set the following automation:

Then set a formula column (Days to Complete) to calculate the days between:
WORKDAYS({Completion Date},{Creation Log})

You can then visualize this on your board as an average.


Hope this helps!

Thanks!! that helped!!

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