Workdoc (or any) with date and text


I’m trying to keep records of some important information about task and meetings
i’m used to keep a document which is like a chat, so when i open the document and write something in a new line, it create a new date register for every line

is there any way to do something like that and add it to a every task?

this is an example.

I’ll appreciate your answer

Hi @esteban.alvarez ,

A great way to do that is by listing your tasks in a board, and adding a “Creation Log” column to it. I will look something like this:

This way, everytime you make an entry (add a new item), it will keep a record of the date and time when it was created! Furthermore, this way you can use the creation dates for Dashboard insights, as well as foir automations (e.g. if creation date is older than a month old, archive it). You can also add other column types to keep track of multiple information related to each task (e.g. task status, completion date, etc).

Let me know if that helped!

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Giovanni @ Worktables

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Hi, thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately it doesn´t work for us because we have many task and add a new task every time (like a sub-task) will make huge proyects.

The idea is to keep record of important information from daily progress on each task

Hi @esteban.alvarez - One option would be to use a table within the Updates section, this way you can keep a running log of comments associated to a task. You can then Pin the update so its always at the top. You would have to enter the date yourself however (it will not auto populate).


Hope this helps,

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i think this is useful until we can get someting automated.

Thanks again

This work around just serves as a temporary solution as I want something that is trackable. As a project manager and monday user I want to track the columns that would have latest update and Comment with same steps in past.