Auto-add current time&date

Hello everyone,
I am trying to create two columns that will record the time and date the status of the task changed,
for example when the status will be changed to ‘Start’ a column called ‘Task Start’ will record the time and date the status changed,
then when the status will change to ‘End’ the second column will be named. ‘Task Completion’ will record the current date again.
And finally I need another column with the Delta between the times.
At the moment I was able to perform the last requirement with the help of time tracking but if there is another way I would love to hear …
Thank you!

hi @Talco

Welcome to the community! There is an app on the marketplace, see that set either a Timeline or a Date relative to the time when it is triggered. As the app presents itself as a custom automation action block you can combine it with any trigger, like when Status changes to XYZ set date column ABC to today…etc

Thank you very much!