Record date time of a status change

Monday currently allows you to record today’s date on a status change - for example, if Status is marked Complete we can record Completion Date.

We need to record NOW when status changes - time to the minute or second. How can we do this?

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I think you can make a custom automation that does this.

When Status is set to Complete
Then set DATE COLUMN to today.

When you select the Date Column, there’s a checkbox in the bottom left to Include Time.

We have one set up that logs request submissions like this.

Chris, as far as I can tell, that records the date with no time - TODAY, not NOW.

How did you get it to save NOW?

By default, it’s without time. But there’s a sneaky little checkbox called “Include Time” that does what you want.

When you’re creating the automation and selecting which Date column to populate, that little popup window has the checkbox. I’ll attach an image - worth a thousand words
Screenshot 2022-05-23 193530



UI is horrible! That check box is actually scrolled out of sight for me because I have multiple date columns!

Oh, wow… I hate popup boxes in UI. The sizing always seems to fail. Glad this helped!

I never noticed this either

you can add a column “hour”, and set automation “when xxx status changes to xxx, set HOUR to current time”.
i think this is a new feature they just added.

I’m not sure if something has changed, but I’m working on this now and its not acting as described. Any other solutions?