Ability to backdate task completion date

Often it’s not possible to ‘live’ in Monday.com, so tasks that have actually been completed by a certain date aren’t flagged as ‘Done’ in Monday.com until several days later, resulting int he the task appearing to have been done AFTER the completion date. Simialrly, when first using Monday.com and wanting to enter historical completed projects or tasks, they all appear to be be ‘done/completed’ on the same day as entered due to the timestamp feature. Can we have a way to amend the task completion date please.

Hey Peter,

Thanks for your request!

To clarify, are you currently using the last updated column to track the task completion date? If this is the case, can I ask if you can instead use a standard date column so that you can easily adjust the completion date? Feel free to elaborate further on your situation if I’ve misunderstood :pray:

Hi Bianca,

Not OP, but I have a similar question, and we use a standard date column. Once you hit “done” on a task, it says “completed x days past the due date” in the date column, which is great, but like Peter says above, if you update tasks that were completed on time the day after, it shows up as late. And, if you’re updating historical imported data (like we are), then things are showing up as months late.

Hey Christine :wave:

Thanks for raising this.

I understand the issue here, however because the date is being set based on date/time the status column is triggered, it makes sense that if you set the status after the completion date, the result is inaccurate. I understand the need for a backdating functionality, so I am happy to share this feedback with our team internally :+1:

I am running into the same issue currently. We use the standard Timeline column, along with the Completion Date and Completion Status. While we can get the Completion Status to show accurately, the Timeline column continues to show the Exclamation icon indicating it was done late (and saying it was done late when you hover over it).
It would be great if the Completion Date column could impact the Timeline column display.