Completed Project Data into New Board

Hello Everyone,

I am setting up in our IT PMO Department. We have having few projects which are completed, but in Transition Stage. The dashboard intended required start date of the Project, therefore there are tasks which are completed in the Past, that needs to be added.

However, the new task with Older Timelines says “Done X days after timeline” which is not True in this. How do I capture the Planned Dates, Actual Dates and reflect them in Reports or Dashboard.

Thank you

Hey @junaid.ramzan,

Welcome to the community, and thank you for your question!

So that we can get a better understanding of what is occurring on your end, and what you’re hoping to achieve, would you be happy to share a screenshot or two? Additionally, are these planned and actual dates populating 2 seperate date/timeline columns that you’d like displayed in a specific widget? We’d love to learn a little more about your setup, so we can point you in the right direction :+1: