Tracking Projects are on time

Hey guys, I’m really new to so apologies if this is a basic question/answer!

I’m duplicating a board for each new client we bring on to manage their onboarding process and I’d love to create a dashboard/report that shows me if we’re on track to complete our clients onboarding process in time.

A simple graphic that shows what % of tasks have been completed compared to the % of time that has been taken from the total amount of time available (4 weeks).

Once our clients are onboarded, we’d also like something similar to track the performance of our clients campaigns. We’re looking to track how many meetings have been booked. Our aim is to generate 50 meetings in 3 months and would love a graphic that shows whether we’re on track to achieve that goal as well. So something similar that shows % of appointments generated vs % of time taken.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Greatly appreciate any feedback or advice.


hi @Laurence

Welcome to the community. You can create a dashboard for this and connect all you clients onboarding board to keep track of data.

An alternative is to create an overview board and the app Rollup Multiple Boards (see can be of great help here. The app allows to create new detail boards (your client onboarding) from a template and aggregate data to the overview board. Inside the overview board you can use a number of integration, including a traffic light system. A full video can be found here: RMB and RSI video.mp4 on Vimeo