Timeline vs Completion data extraction


Just looking for some help on the best way to extract some data from Monday.com to highlight my team’s working days vs estimated working days.

For example, within the “Timeline” column a task is scheduled in for June 1st-3rd, so the estimate is 3 days work. However the task isn’t completed until June 4th when the “Status” column is updated to “Done”.

Is there any way I can extract this kind of data? I need the dates of the “Timeline” column vs the date the “Status” column was updated.

Open to any kind of “best practice” etc!

Here’s a solution that uses an additional date column to help keep track of when a task is completed, here called Completion Date as well as the built-in timeline duration column, and finally, a formula column to calculate the actual duration.

If you introduce an automation that changes the Completion Date to “Today” whenever the status is changed to “Done”,

Then the Completion Date column will automatically change.
If necessary, you can choose to restrict column edit so only certain people will have the permission to manually change this date if needed.


If you go to the settings of your Timeline column, you can create/connect a number column, Est. Duration, that will show how many days the timeline covers.

Finally, we can use a formula column, Actual Duration, to put everything together.

    TEXT(DAYS({Completion Date}, {Estimate#Start}) + 1),
    " Days"

This formula can be tweaked to display an estimated duration up until a task is marked as “Done”, it can change to be number-only so that you can utilize the group footer, or any number of small tweaks to better fit your use case.

Here is the end result: