I want to convert estimated time in hours to Duration (days) linked to timeline

I am using Monday to manage software development projects. The developers enter the time for their items and sub-items in hours. I’ve written a formula to convert the hours to work days. But I can’t find a way to then use that formula result to update Duration that is linked to the planned timeline.
I contacted Support and the gave me two options: manually update duration with the calculated number or export the board to excel convert the formula to days and then reimport the board. Exporting is not an option and manually entering the Duration value is not optimal.
Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

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I would also like to be able to either cast the result of a formula to a numbers column or even better connect the formula column directly to the timeline without intermediary column.

Hey there!
You might be able to achieve this with Autoboost!

Let me know if you need any help with it :slight_smile:

Hi all - you will need to use a 3rd part app for this. I recommend General Caster for this need. It does have a limited free tier depending on your usage…

Hope this helps,

Hey hey,
Im so sorry to hear that. I will make sure they will reach out immediately.
In any case this is my email: Shaul@moveoboost.com.
Do feel free to contact me if the issue is not resolved.

AutoBoost reached out to me and we quickly got on a screen share and they resolved the issue. There was a space in one of the formulas that was causing my issue.

This is working very well now and I recommend this solution for achieving a conversion of hours to days and impacting the timeline.

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