Is there a way to edit the Status: Done date?

Some of my project tasks were completed before I started using Monday. For documentation, I added those completed tasks and set their Timeline and Due Dates, which have dates from last week. Now when I select Done for their Status, they all have exclamation points indicating that they were completed past the Due Date. Does “Done” only record the date I changed that Status, which is today? If so, how do I change that to the past date when the tasks were actually completed?

Hi James!

I spent a little time trying to see if there is a way to manually change the timestamp of the activity entry created when you are changing the status. That’s the reference point for when the item was marked done that informs the deadline mode. It does not look like it’s easily accomplished.

My recommendation would be to acknowledge the migration items using an icon, as a workaround. There are several options if you open the date column:

An update or even an extra column could add context so that anyone looking at the board would know those items were completed before they were in

Hopefully you can find a solution that meets your needs :slight_smile:

All the best,

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