Adding a fourth board to my Smart Spreadsheets Widget

I have been building an analytics dashboard with Smart Spreadsheets so that I can extrapolate timeline statistics for deals moving through my workflow. I began with a spreadsheet widget that connected 3 boards, and I now need to add a fourth. The fourth board has many more items (they are contacts). I tried connecting these, and new tabs have not populated after a few hours and a few tries. Do you have any suggestions for adding data from my fourth board?
I specifically need to count the number of contacts added in each month.
I can’t start over because I’ve spend a ton of time creating the excel formulas to gather the data I need.
Thank you!

Hey Rachel!

Charlotte from the monday team! :wave: This sounds like something our support team would need to take a closer look at via a screen recording or screen share call to figure out why this board isn’t pulling through the information you need it to.

We’d love to take a look! You can use to create a screen recording of the behavior for free and then send us a link to the video. You can reach out to our team here.

Thanks, Rachel! We look forward to getting to the bottom of this with you!

Hi @rachelviso ,

The Smart Spreadsheet is our app.

I assume your fourth board is rather big and complex - we constantly try to improve the app’s performance but as we do not process user data anywhere (other storages, servers, etc.) and everything is securely done on the front-end (in your browser) there still may be issues.

Please refer to our support. Replicate the issue and record a HAR-file for us (we’ll check the app’s behavior and look for the errors).

Best regards,
Katerina Kovriga