Adding Days to a Date and excluding weekends


There are quite a few posts on this subject, but none seem to address what I would imagine is a common problem. I’m trying to calculate how many items can be made in the available work time.

100 items {Qty} @ 5mins each = 500 mins {Total Mins}
I convert this into hours = 8.33 hours {Total Hours}
Then the Total Hours in a working shift (7 hours) = 1.19 days {Total Days}

Then I want to add to a notional start date to give an estimated completion date.

If I use the WORKDAY({Start Date},{Total Days}) I get an answer that is pretty near:-

Wed Mar 29 2023 11:00:00 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

BUT… It’s just calculating days, not the fractions of a day or an hour.

If I enter the “start date” and specify a “time” the time on the calculated finish date is always the same as the time entered in the start date. i.e. if I put 10.00am start, it’s 10.00am finish - it does not acurately add the number of hours.

I would imagine that this should be possible, but I’m a bit stumped at the moment.

Any ideas?

Support solved this :slight_smile: