Tracking date and times worked in tasks

I have reviewed the time tracker feature but that only seems to work if your work flow matches the whole start/stop function. I need to be able to track the minutes / hours for each day that a particular task is worked on. I.E. - task one - 1.5 hours on 11/1; 3 hours on 11/2, etc… and then be able to go back in reporting and show hours and date’s worked broken down by task, project and department.

I have everything else in place on the task tracker and it is working great except for the above. Anyone have any ideas or do I need to put in a feature request?

Hey @devink, thanks for posting and welcome to the community! Have you already thought about using a time tracking widget for these purposes? This is what people typically use for reporting and you can break it down by person, or by status or tags among other columns (which might correspond to departments). What do you think?:

The Time Tracking Widget

Hi. I have looked at the time tracker but I don’t see where it fits in to the work flow. The flow isn’t a start……work on task….stop type of flow. It is more starting to work on a task, ending up getting pulled for other tasks and at the end of the day needing to go back and document

Task 1 – 2 hours

Task 2 – 15 minutes

Task 3 – 30 minutes

Task 4 – 1 hour

Task 5 – 15 minutes

Task 6 – 2 hours

The above example is not contiguous or in order and occurred fragmented over a 6 hour period due to unplanned priorities occurring during planned task work.

Trying to use the start / stop time tracker would not be practical. I just need a way of being able to document what tasks were worked on, which days, and for how long each time

Hey @devink, thanks for the response and got it! Have you thought about entering this time manually into the time tracking column? Another way to go would be to use a numbers column to enter this time as people do it:

I will check those options out. Thank you