How to add minutes / hours to tasks

Hi community.
We use to run our manufacturing/scheduling of our print & packaging plant. I can’t see how to add an estimated time against a task.

Example. A machine will have 6 jobs on it and our production manager just wants to add his estimated time in minutes/hours against each job. The only purpose this serves is, so we see the total hours allocated to a machine, which in turns assists customer services to provide lead-times to customers. It also assists with time tracking on how long our production team allocates vs the start/stop time the machinist will run.

I can do this with the numbers column, but it would be better in minutes/hours instead of .75 being 45 minutes. I’ve seen some topics discuss this with using formulas but so far, I haven’t been able to resolve.

any assistance would be appreciated.

many thanks

Hi @Martin_PrintShop

Adding an Hours column to your board let you input hrs:min like the example below

Unfortunately this column type does not support summing up in the footer