Adding hours for resources within a project

Hi folks! I’m new to Monday and could use some direction. I’m tracking projects from opportunity stage through to completion and want to identify delivery resources and their hours. Currently, the opportunity gets entered with a project name, then I have columns for delivery resource 1, delivery resource 2, etc. for names, then columns for their respective hours. The idea is I want to be able to log how many hours a resource has assigned on the project, then calculate how many hours each resource has assigned across all projects.

The challenge is that they may be resource 1 in project A, but resource 2 in project B. In Excel, I would have a sumif formula that would look across the cells and add the hours if matching the name. However, I’m totally at a loss for how to do this in Monday.

My guess is there is a way easier method for doing this in Monday and I could use some guidance.


Hey @kyleslaw welcome to the community! Try out the workload widget:

Thanks Tim. I think that will be very helpful for some use cases. However, I have similar challenges with other use cases. For example, if I want to track pre-sales credit for opportunities, I will need to have a similar multiple column, multiple assignment issue. In other words, if I allow for up to three columns for pre-sales credit, and if I have the option for putting any individual in any column, then I need a way to add all individual assignments from all projects.

I have a feeling my structure is not ideal for how Monday works and I should probably use different column types. But, I’m not sure.

My guess is that I should probably be creating subitems for each person, then I should create columns for hours, pre-sales attribution, etc.

The challenges with this are:

  • I’d create a lot of subitems (1 per person). It would be great if I could automate the creation of the subitems based on say a people column in the main item. Like identify the people who should be involved, then create sub items for them automatically. Don’t think that’s possible today.
  • sub items are not universally available for dashboarding.