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I’m helping someone create a board that allows them to track casual work. Shifts of only 1 or 2 hours at a time. Sometimes a few shifts per day. They need to show the board to someone else in order to get paid.

I could use ‘Time Tracking’ column but it doesn’t show the start time or the end time - just the elapsed time.

So I thought I’d use ‘Hours’ to allow ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ and the formula HOURS_DIFF to find the difference between the two. Only (for example) 50mins doesn’t end up being 0.833 - it ends up being 0 (zero)

Surely monday.com must allow this somehow?

Any and all thoughts much appreciated. Thanks

Hey @cbantoft - this sounds a little strange! I’ve tested this on my end, and when using the formula with two hour columns, the formula pulls the correct period of time:

HOURS_DIFF({end} , {start})

Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 2.34.52 pm

Would you be happy to share a screenshot of your formula and associated columns?

Thanks Bianca. Really appreciate your thoughts on this.

I’m using the same formula and getting the same result. But when I multiply that result (’00:30’) by an hourly rate of £10.00. I get zero – not £5.00.

In the end, I fixed it with this formula: (MID({Hours},1,LEN({Hours})-3)+right({Hours},2)/60)*{Rate per hour} - where {Hours} is the 00:30. Would be good to do it without that longer fix though if you have any further thoughts.

Thank you again Bianca.



Here’s another way:
TIMEVALUE("1/1/1 " & HOURS_DIFF({End},{Start})) * 24 * {Rate per hour}

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