Issue with Hours Diff formula

Hi there! I was reading about how to properly use the Hours Diff formula, but no matter what I try, I get an error message and the formula does not work or calculate. I have a board for event agenda items, so each item has a start time and end time Hours column. I also want to include an Hours Diff column so that I can calculate the duration of the item. However, when I plug in the two columns that I need, I get error messages. I am putting in the following: HOURS_DIFF({End Time}{Start Time}) and have tried it all sorts of diff ways. Please help! :slight_smile:


You just need a comma separating the column names:

 HOURS_DIFF({End Time}, {Start Time})

Thank you! That did the trick! I thought for some reason I had tried that in my earlier attempts, but clearly not! Thank you for your help! I am all set now and it is working perfectly. :slight_smile:

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