Add minutes while summing hours

I have created a table that includes the entry times and the departing times of bartenders. In that table I also want to have the amount of hours worked per day.

The issue is sometimes the shift of a bartender starts at 8pm and finishes at 2:30am, which is a different day, and the formula HOURSDIFFER won’t work.

I have created this formula IF({Start Time}>{End Time};{End Time}+24-{Start time};{End time}-{Start time})

It returns a correct result but it doesn’t take into account minutes.

For example, a bartender that has worked from 8pm to 2:30 am, the formula will return 7 hours instead of 6.5

How can I do that?

Hi Pau,


HOURS_DIFF({End Time},{Start Time})

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Hello, Gilles!

Thanks for your reply!

The thing with HOURS_DIFF({End Time},{Start Time}) is that it returns an incorrect value when the End Time is on another day.

For example, the bartender starts working on Friday at 8pm and ends on Saturday at 2:30 am. She has worked 6 hours and a half, but the HOURS_DIFF formula returns a negative value.

I think the solution without using a 3rd party app is to use the time tracking column.

With the Advanced Formula Booster, it can be done easily. For instance:


Hi @pauroca,

The DAYS() function takes minutes into time. So, you can use a formula like this:

        {End Time},
        {Start Time}

To do this, I should change the Entry Time column into a Date Column, right?

Correct. What type are they now? Hours columns? I would definitely recommend using Date columns for this.