Adding images to automated emails

While creating an automation to send an email when a new item is created on a table, an image should be able to added to the email. For now, you can only add an image as a attachment document, however it’s better to add in into the mail body. Also, the attached document can only be opend by Monday users, for now. But, It should be open to everbody. I am tying to create an automated welcome email to my clients, but I cannot add an welcome-image to my email.

I agree with you that it is better to embed the image in the email. Have you found a way to do it?
Ken VanBree

Hi Ken,

Unfortunately we cannot. So, we do not add any image to our emails.
We will integrate mailchimp for the marketing emails, so that we can add as much images and other cool stuff as we want. :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Ken VanBree via monday Community Forum <>, 22 Haz 2023 Per, 17:29 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

@senahoroz How can you use mailchimp for marketing emails out of monday? I saw integrations but nothing about emailing out of monday

Hi @senahoroz ,
You can add images to automated emails using Make Platform.

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^ this. using Make was our solution to the problem, and it actually opened our eyes to a vastly larger world of possibilities when it comes to automations in general. not to mention how much absurdly faster Make scenarios are compared to native Monday automations: in one use case we saw a series of automations for an approval workflow go down from ~3 minutes on average in Monday for the series to run versus 8 seconds in Make.