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Hi, Can someone please help and answer these questions:
I’m trying to customize an email to our leads pipeline so when the status changed it will send an automatic email to them.
it’s important that the email will have our logo at the top and will support RTL language.
when there will be HTML support?

we want that the leads will assign equally between the people in the sales team, is there any way to achieve this?


I am also looking for ways to create and populate dynamic email templates based on Status and Number columns within our boards. Is this functionality currently supported?

Thank you!

@Arthur_Hooly @dgaspard
Monday seems to be testing(or was and has stopped the first round) of more email support. Currently the only native option is Plain Text which is almost worse than zero email support. But anyways it’s a stepping stone and I would expect to hear something official if not see full HTML support before the end of this year from Monday.

2 current “work around” options:

  1. Check the App Marketplace.
    You can find it here in the community or from your monday dashboard. First off you should be checking their often as lots of cool stuff shows up and there might be some apps on there that solve other solutions for you. I haven’t seen one on the marketplace yet for HTML emails but who knows. I have seen a developer floating around that made an HTML email app for the recent competition, but I haven’t tried it personally. Try searching the community some more and you should run across one of his post.
  2. Integration Applications:
    Are you familiar at all with Integromat or Zapier? These are 3rd party integration software that allows you to link Monday with tons of other apps. Among many features, one thing you can do with these tools is send HTML emails with all the bells and whistles. Attachments, CC/BCC, images, logos, signatures etc. I currently use Integromat(I have no experience with Zapier). It has a free version but will quickly get used up(actions/month) when sending emails. But if it works for you the first tier is reasonably price in my opinion. Moving into these type of applications does start to move the needle from “no code” like in Monday to lite code/some code depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Integromat does come with some nice tutorials and even tons of pre-built integrations. Their support is also pretty helpful and they stepped in and provided simple solutions to me even while I was in the free version. If you are just trying to send an email based on Monday boards, its not too complicated.
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Hi there @dgaspard & @andrewalmand - I can help connect you with both of these email projects. Because one is a beta and the other is an app not yet approved for the Marketplace, I don’t want to share the links with the general public here. However, if you connect with me by PM or by booking a free strategy call, we can give you an update and potentially a demo: Book Polished Geek: more with