Creating Custom email template to send when status Changes

Can someone please assist we are looking to send an automatic personalised email to our clients when an order is dispatched (status changes to something) - however I would like this email to be more graphically pleasing than the standard email and potentially sent from an outlook account

So my question is can I create a custom colour/font/text in this Automation, we want to include the information on the board like consignment note and courier so would be great if it was created in Monday but I would like to be able to make the look of the email fit with our branding ?

Hey @Sam1 - welcome to the community an extension of the family!

At this time the Email integration does not support HTML coding. We are hoping to add that function in the future!

Stay tuned.

Hi there, has there been an update on this? Even just the ability to change the font?
Thanks, Kirsty

No update - perhaps by the end of year we’ll have that support.