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We currently have email integrations on our board that sends out an email from our Outlook account when a pulse status is changed. This works fine but the email that is sent out has a different font than the one we normally use for our emails and therefore doesn’t look like one of our emails.

Is there any way we can amend the font? The settings of the emails are as per all normal emails in Outlook and I cannot see anywhere to amend this in

Any help would be greatly received


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Hey @Mikeleigh01,

Thanks so much for posting, and welcome to the community!

At the moment there’s no way to change the font on emails from the Outlook integration, I’m afraid. That being said, I’ll certainly pass this on as feedback to our team as I can see that it would be really useful to have the same font as the one in which you normally send your emails.

Let me know if I can help further :slight_smile:

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any luck? would there be an ETA for that? Thanks!


Native email integrations through Monday currently only support plain text email. While Monday is working on(in beta testing) a built in email application which will eventually mean more robust email integration, you are very limited currently. I’ve been using Monday for a little over a year now and seen many new features rolled out, features that I personally gave feedback on and the community was asking for. The lack of HTML email support is well known to the Monday team so I think its definitely in the works.

But in the meantime, Integromat & Zapier are low code 3rd party apps supported by Monday(you can find links in the Integrations center) that can allow you to send more complicated full HTML emails. I personally use Integromat to send automated emails and while I’m no expert, I can offer some setup guidance if needed.

Hope this helps!

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@andrewalmand exactly! Thanks for posting that :+1:

Great thanks for this - I’ll take a look and see if it helps. If needed I’ll post another reply regarding guidance.

Thanks again