Be able to personnalise the e-mails sent with the automations


In the e-mails sent with outlook or Gmail in an automation, it is right now impossible to personnalise it.

  • would be nice to be able to add a signature with logo or picture
  • would be nice to edit the font : size, bold etc.

The last topic about this issue is closed and the last reply of an Admin was like “it´s not possible”, so I open a new one to raise awareness to this topic, because in my opinion it is a great feature which should be implemented!!!

It can´t be so hard to allow HTML or other simple rich text customizations to the “notify” field in an automation… c’mon, do something!!

Hi V-Mann,

HTML text customization is possible in automations for emails & updates, even though it’s not written anywhere it does work.

Thanks for the reply, Marc. I´m new to, so I think, I need some help :slight_smile: I choose a new custom automation and pick e.g. “If status change to ‘done’ notify me” and in the notify text field I can use HTML??? Because e.g. my break < br> hasn´t convert… (sorry my bad english :-))

Hi @V-Mann ,
Write a manual update with the text & format you want the automation to have, then use ctrl+u to see the HTML source.
You should then be able to copy-paste that into your notify action, and it will have your desired formatting :slight_smile:

Many thanks. I´ll try. But unfortunately I´ve to wait that my company upgrades the Accounts, because our Test period has ended :upside_down_face:

I would love to be able to do this as well, so far all it does if I add HTML tags is render them along with the text. I am sorry I do not understand Marc1’s instructions.

Hi @Marc1,
now we are regular users at monday. Thanks again for your reply but like @mordaskyt I´m not fully understand your description unfortunately.

So my questions to your desription: - where (which app) shall I write a text with formatting and can use the ctrl+u?

I´m understanding your description that I´m not doing the text and formatting direct in monday, where I create the automation, right? So, in which App do you do your HTML formatted text to transform it to HTML and then copy & paste to the automation window in
Maybe you can take some Screenshots how to do it? Or is there another topic here that describes that problem?

FYI: I´m using a Mac :smiley:

Thanks for your help and kind regards!!

Hi guys. Here’s a little walk through:

Step 1: Manually create an update with the formatting you wish to have and post it.
Step 2: Right-click the update and inspect it’s code.

Step 3: Find the source code for the update and copy it into your clipboard.

Step 4: Go to the automations center, create your Create an Update automation and paste the HTML source. You can then modify it to use item parameters as you normally would.

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Formatting doesn’t work yet in notify automations (emails) sadly. But it does with updates.


Many thanks for your help!!

Would love for Monday to make email customization much easier than having to create HTML signatures, etc. This would take our automations to the next level if we could actually email our clients branded emails from Monday. Currently, we email them outside of the platform.

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