Allow HTML or Mailjet Templating for automatically sending out emails with the Gmail Integration

SO I have a workflow of whenever a date arrives, send out an email.

However, it appears to be limited to only sending out a basic text based email, using 10pt times new roman font, and nothing you type or click on is going to change that.

Fig 1: The only automated email you’re able to send out. Allows for basic text, but absolutely zero formatting elements.

It would be INCREDIBLY helpful if we could apply our own HTML templates to these automated emails to be sent out. Sending out a plain text email with no formatting is almost worse than not sending out anything at all.

I would imagine this would be a pretty easy implementation…

Honestly, if it would make this solution happen quicker, give me a quick 1 week internship with and I’ll get it implemented and be on my way, a happy customer and former intern.

Please and thank you.

Yes please! They have HTML formatting in other aspects of Monday. Why not in the email integrations?