Adding Item Status to the Completion Status Formula

I am trying to include additional items status to the Completion Status Formula. I would like to Done On Time checkmark shows up with other status, besides “Done”.
Thank you very much for your help.

This is the current formula: IF({Status}=“Done”,IF(DAYS({Timeline#End},{Completion Date})<0,“Done Late :ballot_box_with_check:”,“Done On Time :white_check_mark:”),“”)

Hi Beatriz,

This format should work for you. You can add commas to the OR function as far as I recall (and if not, you can safely nest OR statements). This should allow you to add more statuses, as you can see in my example.

        {Status}="Example Status"
            {Completion Date}
        "Done Late :ballot_box_with_check:",
        "Done On Time :white_check_mark:"

Thank you so much, Francis, this formula worked perfectly!
Have a great day!

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