Assistance in Altering a Formula Correctly

I am attempting to utilize a formula that I found here:

I was able to successfully set up the “Days Early/Late” column but not the “Deadline Status” because I have two options in “Project Status” that define a task as being done, whereas this example only depicts one option. I need to figure out how to correctly edit the formula to say if the project status is “done” or “wrapped paid in full”…

The formula is:
If({Status}=“Done”,If({Days Early/Late}<0,“Done Overdue ​:ballot_box_with_check:”,“Done On Time :white_check_mark:”),If(DAYS(TODAY(),{Due Date})<0,“Pending ​:construction:”,If(rounddown(DAYS(TODAY(),{Due Date}),0)=0,“Due Today :date:”,“Overdue :x:”)))

I have already changed it to the following to match my column titles:
If({Project Status}=“Done”,If({Days Early/Late}<0,“Done Overdue ​:ballot_box_with_check:”,“Done On Time :white_check_mark:”),If(DAYS(TODAY(),{Due to Client})<0,“Pending ​:construction:”,If(rounddown(DAYS(TODAY(),{Due to Client}),0)=0,“Due Today :date:”,“Overdue :x:”)))

Attached is my board currently - The formula is not depicting the proper Deadline Status for the two tasks noted as “Wrapped Paid in Full”


It’s pretty easy. Just change the first part of your formula to this:

IF(OR({Project Status}=“Done”, {Project Status}=“Wrapped Paid in Full”),…

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