Task done after the deadline report

Here at glazed frog we are in need of a report on what tasks are done on time and what tasks we are consistently late on.
Monday has a feature when I point the cursor at a deadline/timeline to show if it’s been done on time, or a few days overdue, but that shows only for one task at a time.


This is useful in identifying problems and assessing employee performance.
How do I extract this data for the whole board?
Is there a formula I could write in the “formula column”, so it would show me these “done on time/_days overdue”?

The data is already there, would be awesome if we could use it.

Thanks in advance


Hey there! Try adding a formula column with this formula to see how many days overdue an assignment is “DAYS(TODAY(),{Date Required})”

Let me know what you think!


Thanks! Done something similar, with couple more manipulations. Had to add a column to see whe a task was actually done. Now it looks like this

Not super pretty, so I hid the columns from everybody else’s view, and it only works if the status was changed after I added the automation and formulas. but it does the job.

If anyone else here is interested

Days overdue formula is DAYS({Date Completed},{Date Required})
Date completed automation: "When Status changes to Done set Date Completed to Current datetime

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