Formula or Automation to Calculate Overdue Tasks

Good Afternoon All,

I currently have a Due Date Column in a project board that includes a marker when a project is overdue or was completed after the due date. Is there a way to make that marker into it’s own column that actually tracks the amount of days overdue once that date has passed (either through an automation or by adding a formula column)? I have been trying to add a formula column to track this with the following formula, however, I keep receiving an error message:

IF({Due Date}>TODAY(),0,{Due Date}-TODAY())

My ultimate goal is to quickly view which tasks are consistently overdue on review of a project. Any ideas anyone has would be great!


Hi @VLeibold11 - you could use the following which will show the number of days until due or overdue (as a -'ve number):

ROUND(DAYS({Due Date},TODAY()),0)

I would then set some conditional formatting to set the column or row as red when overdue (formula column <0).


Thanks Mark, appreciate you taking a look!

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