Multiple IF for the status formula


I have a Column named Sub Status and have a label namely Completed, Stuck, Approval, and Handover to Visuals Team etc.

By using the formula stated below this will only work when the status change to COMPLETED only but I want to apply the same condition to the Handover to Visuals Team.

In short, Completed = Handover to Visuals Team. Both have same level of status but just different wording. How to apply to the formula written below

If({Sub Status}=“Completed”, If({Days Early/Late}<0,“Done Overdue ​:ballot_box_with_check:”,“Done On Time :white_check_mark:”),
If(DAYS(TODAY(),{Due Date})<0,“Pending ​🚧”,
If(ROUNDDOWN(DAYS(TODAY(),{Due Date}),0)=0,“Due Today :date:”,“Overdue :x:”)))


If I am understanding your request correctly, this should do it:

If(OR({Sub Status}="Completed", {Sub Status}="Handover to Visual Team"), 
  If({Days Early/Late} < 0, 
    "Done Overdue ​:ballot_box_with_check:", "Done On Time :white_check_mark:"),
  If(DAYS(TODAY(), {Due Date}) < 0, "Pending ​🚧",
    If(ROUNDDOWN(DAYS(TODAY(), {Due Date}), 0) = 0, 
      "Due Today :date:", "Overdue :x:")

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