Adding items in Calendar View

Clicking on +Add in Calendar View is handy to quickly create a new item. However, in the popup window you must:

  1. Be careful to place it in the correct group (month), which often requires scrolling.
  2. Scroll through the calendar to set the date(s).
  3. Be sure to click on Create Task, or you lose your work.

For Nos. 1 and 2 above, if I’m in June, for example, I want the group and date/timeline to automatically advance to June - to prevent even accidentally placing items in the wrong month.

I’m finding this difficult to work with too. It seems very counterintuitive to have to manually enter a date, even though I’ve already clicked on a specific date to bring up the new item box. I also have my board arranged like Ken’s, so each group is a month and having to choose the right section is cumbersome too.

If the date and group (month) could be automatically set when clicking on a specific date in calendar view it would save me hours, and prevent any wrong dates being entered.