Adding a new item in calendar view - item immediately disappears

I am trying to add a new item to a board from the calendar view. I can do so on one of my boards, but not another. I can see the draft item sitting on the calendar as I’m adding details, but as soon as I click "create item’, it vanishes from the calendar and does not appear on the board.
I can create an item on the board directly. Please can anyone advise?

Do you have filters on the board/calendar? ie my team often forgets to fill in the ‘prospect type’ column which then results in the item not showing up in their table view since it’s filtered to only show their prospects.

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Thank you! No filters. Any other thoughts will be gratefully received!

When you’re creating it on the calendar view - are you doing it by clicking the ‘plus’ on a date in the calendar or clicking ‘new item’ at the top left?

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Clicking “+Add” on the calendar itself. I don’t seem to have the “new item” option at all!

Hi @Sarah33 ,

I have run into this issue before. What I found is that even though you put the event on a certain date, it does not populate the date into the item and you need to add that otherwise it disappears when adding it to the calendar. So if your calendar is populated by a timeline column for example, when the item creation pop-up comes up, you need to add the dates to the timeline section.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Sara, I’d suggest that you raise a help desk ticket with monday; it’s often useful to include a short video clip along with your request to illustrate the problem.

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So odd! Are you an owner of the board? Can you sent a screen shot of your top bar (not the calendar itself)


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Thank you for your reply! I have tried filling in every field in the pop up, including start and end date, but it just won’t add it! there are multiple boards showing on this calendar, and only one of them can have items added in the calendar view.

Hi Desiree, I am indeed an owner of the board in question. Here is the view from the calendar:

thank you again for your help!

I don’t know, I’d recommend putting in a ticket with Monday. I don’t have anymore advice without accessing your account directly.

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Really appreciate your efforts :slight_smile: