Item disappears a few seconds after it's creation

Hi guys,

I’ve been using Monday for a while without issues. This morning, we noticed that when we create a new item on ANY board it disappears right when we refresh the page or when we wait a few seconds.
We tried to look for them on “search everything” but these new items that disappeared,
are nowhere to be found on any board.

We also checked on the recycle bin, nothing, checked all our automations, nothing.

I don’t really understand what’s causing this…
We use monday for all our operations and now we’re stuck. Please help!


Here’s a video explaining what’s going on: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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This is also happening to me. Looking forward to finding out the cause/solution.

Also happening to me. Just bought a subscription for this product yesterday and am not having a lot of confidence that I’ll be able to add or work with my data without fearing that it will randomly disappear.

We are experiencing this issue, as well as items we move from one group to another reverting back to the group they were moved from. Checking activity log, there is no sign of the attempt to move them.

I am curious if this all relates to the issue showing on the status page, or is a different issue?

Investigating - At the moment, we’re experiencing connectivity issues due to a 3rd party issue, for some accounts across all devices. Our development team is on the case and diligently working to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.”

Having the issue here as well. Any changes to a board revert back when the page is refreshed.
Automations don’t work either.
Monday seems to be aware of the issue, but it would be useful to have some kind of alert in the board, so that we don’t input data for nothing…

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This is my biggest pain with them. I found this issue out over two hours ago and no heads up. Super frustrating.

Good news (at least over here) - changes we made have pushed back through and items that disappeared have reappeared. So far I haven’t found any loss of data on any of our boards and automations are starting to work again as well.

@ryanl Did your automations kick in and move everything that was already selected during this down time?

I confirm the changes have applied as well. Still waiting on my automations/integrations.

Not all automations have and they’re still only working sporadically. Changes/moves we made manually went through the way we had intended though.

@ryanl Gotcha. I guess my concern is this has been down for 3 hours now and all the automations that weren’t running if they don’t click in once back to normal we are going to have a ton of cleanup.

me too bro, automation not working help me plzzz

steven please? Did you find a fix? please steven

My guess is it is somehow related to this. Amazon Web Services outage impacts Google, Spotify, airlines, banks

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Same. A lot of services within our industry that we use or our customers use, have experienced major outages and slowdowns as a result. After those articles hit I figured Monday was just a casualty as well.


For future reference, you can check on the status of know server issues here:

Click the question mark at the lower left of your monday screen, then select Help Center and scroll to the bottom… additional details are available by clicking on service status.

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the same is happening to me today

Hi @stevenrichard :wave:

For issues like this, please contact so our team can help you troubleshoot accordingly! I believe this could have been related to the AWS server outage earlier this week but for any buggy-like behavior you are experiencing, you will need to contact our Support Team so we can help as best we can.

@ElectricSweater @jackcan @ryanl @alexcamp @mw01 @imario999 @ViniciusFaria

For everyone on this thread, please contact our support team as well and let them know the results of the following steps if you are still experiencing issues:

If the steps above do not yield any results, please send the Support Team a screen recording of the behavior in action so that our team can analyze the setback. The reason I ask is that knowing exactly what you’re doing will help us best understand and replicate the issue on our side.

Should you send such visuals please ensure it does not include your sensitive data. You can use the online tool to record for free and then send our team the link in your email.

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