Adding products (line items) to quotes automatically

I would like to have a list of products, that I can attach to deals and then generate quote from the products that are attached to the deal.

This should include quantity of the individual products. Calculation of price gets done with individual price of each product.

Would this be a possible workflow within Has anyone decoded this or has built a hack to achieve this?

Also, would love to have the functionality of e-sign on quotes. Nobody prints and signs and scans and sends the quotes back these days.

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Hey @ziellab,

Can you elaborate a little further on how you’re attaching products to deals? Is this in the form of subitems or a different format?

If you’re referring to the quotes and invoices app, there is an option to include signature in the quote:

Let me know if this helps!

I have the same (similar) question work for software company and want to add pricing sheet for products, services, and reoccurring revenue items, that ideally could then be used to generate a quote.

We were able to partially achieve this using subitems. Although the getSign application doesn’t work as it is supposed to. It’s a broken integration, therefore we were not able to finish the workflow.

Now using PandaDoc, although PandaDoc to integration isn’t smooth, also the status of the application on PandaDoc cannot update the status of items on

Things are getting quite frustrating, it seems like the Sales CRM is incomplete without developer work.