Advanced Permissions Enterprise - Shareable Boards/Permissions based on people column

In order to collaborate with clients, using Pro I must create a shared board for each client and invite them to the board…I keep the board connected and utilize mirror columns to keep the overall company workflow in one place and collaboration in the shared boards, however I run into connect board limits and dashboard limits. I am hoping to solve this by doing an upgrade to Enterprise and taking advantage of the advanced permission levels based on who is assigned in the people column. This way we can keep our entire workflow AND collaborations on ONE shared board where board members can only see what they are assigned to. What I am looking for is to confirm that this feature of Enterprise extends to shared boards/guests on that board and that there are not limits to those guests on the shared board that can be assigned. Again this is all with intentions of upgrading to Enterprise. Does anyone know the answer or can you point me to the resource that will better clarify this.

Hey Brittany!

Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

To clarify, are you looking to continue having these clients as Guest users without using Shareable Boards anymore and replace the Shareable Boards with better board permissions on the Enterprise plan?

If so, this isn’t possible without changing your Guest users to Members since Guest users can only use Shareable Boards - no matter what level plan you are on.

Does this help? My apologies for any confusion on my end if I did not quite understand what you’re looking for.

Please feel free to reach out to our team here to chat through the plan differences if you need some more clarity!

Hi - no I am looking to start utlizing shared boards for outside users (clients), but use the enhanced people column permissions so that I have ONE shared board with all my clients sprints on them…but because it is a shared board and because the CLIENT is the assigned person, they are only able to see their own sprints (not other clients). Does that make better sense?