Allow duplication of workflow blocks

I’m forced to believe that, monday devs don’t create workflow blocks the same way we do through the UI, because it is hard to imagine that, they also go through the same pain developers go through when creating multiple workflow blocks. They would have implemented a duplicate feature right from the start if they did.
Since monday at the moment does not support conditional workflows (even it did, workflow block duplication is still needed), multiple duplicate workflow blocks will have to be created with the same parameters and just minor changes. This is exactly where the problem lies.
First, it is error prone since you could mistype the ids or names of the Input fields. That means, you would need to keep any tab open to compare. That is where another problem comes in.
Since you have the same page of with conflicting data (old tab doesn’t yet contain the new action being created), should you save any data on the old tab, monday crushes. That means, any progress you have made in the new tab is lost and you have to start all again. Not fun!
Should there be the possibility of duplicating/cloning an existing workflow block, that will help massively.
On the scale of hard and time consuming problems, I don’t think this counts, because all the data needed is already available on the already existing workflow block and the same data will have to be sent to the backend to create a new one.
That is why I don’t believe monday devs use the same interface because it’s a fairly easy solution but the gains are enormous so they would have implemented it long ago.
Could you please work on this?

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Hello @kolaai,

I will share this with the team as a request!

Thank you for the feedback!


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