Allow Subitem Name to be added to Slack Notification

For some reason, you can change the status of an item to “Done” and you can have an Automation send to Slack saying “{Item’s name} has been marked as Done” but there is no option for {subitem’s name}.

For Example:

Item: Finish marketing plan
Subitem: Film Ad

It will let me notify the team in slack when "Film Ad’ is “Done”, but when I mark “Film Ad as Done” the notification will only let me say “Finish marketing plan was moved to Done by xyz”.

I’ve even tried creating a custom automation, and it will allow you to notify internally on Monday with {subitem’s name}, but there is not option for this on Slack. This would be incredibly helpful as I use Monday to keep my team/clients accountable, but if I can’t have an automation go into a designated Slack Channel, then there really is no point since the “Item” is used as a meeting agenda, then we delegate out tasks using “subitems”.

This is a great suggestion @noahf! I reached out for an update from our developers and they did mention that whilst they don’t have a specific deadline for this release, the aim is have subitems supported by the end of the year. I recognise this isn’t the most ideal timeline for you, but I do want to be transparent about its release. Thanks in advance for your understanding :pray: