Allow time-based notifications to be limited to weekdays

We have many automations that incorporate reminders of sorts for open tasks or actions that need to be performed. There are also notifications correlated to Due Dates for Tasks or Jobs.

Currently, the notification timing does not allow for granular day-by-day selection, e.g. selecting only weekdays or M-W-F, etc.

I don’t want our teams slammed with notifications and emails over the weekend for items coming due, and would rather them be programmed to occur on a time-based schedule that is limited by days of the week.

If you have an iPhone, you can open up the native clock app, select Alarms, and edit an Alarm to only ring on certain days, weekdays, or weekends. This is much more functional for working groups that are trying to achieve a work-life balance in addition to streamlining and optimizing their workflows with

Also, we’re super happy with things in general, so please keep up the great work!