Notifications to be sent at TIME given in relevant field

I am trying to use Monday as a daily task took among other things, and need to have reminders sent at the right TIME. Currently there is no way to send reminders at a specific time for each pulse based on a specific date column (with time selected). If no time is selected, then the board automation default time would be used.


… Monday as a daily task tool …

Hi @mitchmann! Are you sending reminders through automations? If so, any recipe that includes “when” will allow you to choose a time. Is that helpful? Cheers!

Hi Laura, no I am wanting to send reminders at a specific time PER pulse using a Date/ time column. Then I’d set up a automation to send the reminder at that date/ time.

This is actually a critical feature for me. I need timed reminders for tasks quite urgently. Is this a feature currently in the development plan?