An option to disable suggested marketplace apps

I know you can disable suggestions for individual apps but the number of suggestions seems to be increasing and I got 2 of them one after the other today and decided it was annoying enough to mention here since I couldn’t see anyone else having done so.

The app suggestions I’m referring to look like “We noticed you have a lot of subitems would you like to try ?” and appear on top of the board I’m working on.

I think part of the reason it annoys me is that my immediate assumption is that it’s a monetisation thing since it’s usually a paid third-party add-on being advertised.

What do others think?

As a paying enterprise customer with security and compliance obligations, I find the current approach untenable and profoundly annoying. It will be a key consideration in our decision to renew in future years.

Multiple employees have complained about the frequency and utility of marketplace suggestions, and the reality is that we’ll never grant our end-users unfettered access to the marketplace. We will provide select marketplace options to our end-users based on our internal requirements.

While I get that you’re trying to build a marketplace ecosystem and provide value to your app developers, I don’t actually care. I’m paying through the nose for an enterprise license, and I expect the ability to tailor the employee experience to suit our compliance needs as a result.

If can’t deliver on that, there are plenty of alternatives that can.