Any way to assign my own tasks in multiple boards to others during absence?

Let’s say I have tasks in three different boards. Today I suddenly have to take sick leave, but I need my team members to continue my current tasks instead.

Is there function or integration that will allow me to click one button to assign all of my current tasks in different boards to a team?

I am thinking along the line of creating a high level board that links to every board I have the tasks, but stuck at the condition of clicking only one button to assign all tasks in the high level board to my other team member.

Please advise.

Hey @Norawat,

Not sure the catch all in one click you’re looking for exists currently. But you can definitely get your tasks assigned fairly simply by selecting all of the records and then reassigning them to any person on your team.

I know it’s not exactly what you were looking for, but I hope this helps as a work around!

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Thanks for proposing a solution.
Let me think around with that idea as the base.

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