Anyone using to track EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)

Hi Dani! Our group has been meeting for the last couple of weeks and we are at the point where we would love some input and guidance! Any chance you could join our next meeting (Wed, May 4 at 4 EST) or schedule another time to catch you up?

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@Dani Hi there. Replying to bump this up.

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I may be to too late to join the call but I’m also looking for an EOS/ solution

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@Atticus Where did you end up with this? We are pretty advanced users of Monday, and we are also working with a certified EOS consultant on implementing this into our business so I would love to chat! Feel free to email me if this is still something you’re working on!

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I know i am late to the game here. but I found this thread looking for this answer. Can anyone advise if this is still moving forward. If so, I would love to engage. In full disclosure I am a newb in Monday and frankly eos, but willing to engage where I can.

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Hello @Atticus !

If you’re looking for setting up boards for an EOS workflow and track them without relying on Excel, it is effective to hire experienced consultants from the monday com preferred partner company. The consultants simply help your business track EOS throughout your entire company for better effectiveness, adoption, and transparency with the use of appropriate tools.

Hey there!

It seems I’ve found the exact question that I’ve had while implementing EOS! Would love to be included in the conversation (preferably by email at

So far, I have similarly to everyone else set up a file under my workspace called “My Rocks” where each group is a Rock and each item is a weekly todo. I’m also creating a doc that will house our agenda for L10 meetings that are hopefully linked to each team members rocks and scorecard (although I haven’t made my scorecard yet).

Would love feedback though and best practices!



Bringing this up again. Any updates?

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Yup, our company definitely has interest in this as well! I’m working on how to manage rocks in a board now. Would be curious if anyone has worked and implemented anything similar.

+1 for wanting to be involved and see if we can leverage Monday to work for EOS. We began our implementation process today. Does anyone have a current set of sharable templates? I’m curious how far others have gotten with the process?

Has anyone come up with templates for EOS. I see alot of interest, but not sure of the outcome. Interested as well.

Hi did you guys make progress on this. I am happy to join the discussion.

Hello everyone…Looking to join this conversation/group,, if it’s not too late. My place of business is looking to implement the EOS system into somehow. Looking for suggestions, templates, how to do Level 10 Meetings, etc. TIA

Too bad a template hasn’t been built and shared yet.

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Hi @Atticus I’d love to join this conversation as well. I have a client looking to move off of onto Monday for all their EOS needs.

Hi everyone! Not sure if you all found a solution to this, but we have created all the EOS templates from for Please feel free to reach out if you would like support in creating these in your account.


Hi Dani! We have rebuilt all of the EOS tracking systems that are used in for


@DafneLaunchPoint I’d be hugely appreciative of help – I’m currently mapping out our transition from into to manager our EOS world. Have you created a public template by chance? Or anything else you can share? Thank you!

Hi @AlexDay we have not created templates in Monday as EOS own the rights to the materials so we cannot do that. If you are interested in connecting and learning more feel free to email me at