Anyone using to track EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)

I would assume that is because EOS owns the copyrights to the material. We have created templates, but can’t make them public in Monday for that very reason.

We’ve also created these templates if you’re interested in connecting @Todd ?

We’ve found a solution for this that’s working really well in Monday @Atticus . Did you finish developing your boards? Curious how it’s working for you.

Hi Monday friends! I was working with Atticus on this for our organization, but Atticus has moved onto a different job opportunity now. I have built out some boards within an EOS workspace. I had been testing them with a small portion of our team, but I haven’t found solutions that do 100% of what we need them to do, which includes speaking to individual project planning boards to add to our task lists. So we have not launched to the whole team yet and are still using our “old system” of EOS, which is basically a bunch of Excel sheets that don’t talk to each other.

See my message above about Atticus leaving and about where we are with launching EOS boards (which is that we haven’t). I would love to learn more about what you’ve developed @DafneLaunchPoint !

Sorry I missed that @JulieMc - let’s connect and I can walk you through what we have built. Would you email me at

Hello @DafneLaunchPoint ! We just started with EOS with our Focus Day and have Vision Days scheduled. We also JUST started using Monday May 1. I would like to get organized prior to our vision days, and figure out how we can use the two systems together. Do you have templates or an idea to share for how best to organize this? Thank you!!

Yes I do! Shoot me an email at and I’ll send some things over your way.

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Email sent, thank you!

Hi @DafneLaunchPoint - I’m evaluating and how it plays with EOS… would you mind sharing with me your templates or ideas? that’d be super awesome !

We are new to EOS and I’d love to build out some Monday tools to support our process.

Absolutely Mike! If you could email me at I can share what we have created.

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HI @DafneLaunchPoint I’m going to send you an email. We’ve just begun the EOS process in my org and I’m searching for some folks like you who have already started the system in Monday. This thread looks like you all have done some great work already!

Hey Legend. It looks like you’re doing great things for people. Saving everyone a lot of time (hopefully I’m next?) Will send you an email.

How did you go with this Alex? Exactly what we are looking to do…

@lifelogic great! @DafneLaunchPoint and team helped us build out an EOS space within our Monday world. I’m just now beginning to roll it out and make the transition from – slow rolling with our leadership team first, then departmentally.

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I’m jumping on here as well. We’re using and EOS. We’ve created several Quarterly Rock tracking boards which roll up to a centralized dashboard to see overall Rock status across the departments. We’re also using a standardized L10 meeting template and have begun to transition our organization from previous methods of tracking. I’d be interested to see how others are using for this.

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Just to share, when I started working with I was in an organization that practiced EOS (marginally - it was more formality than culture in my department). Now I am an app developer on the platform, and work for a partner.

So its interesting that I missed this thread!

Hi - I am an EOS Implementer but also the visionary for a non profit I cofounded in the UK. In my non-profit we use to track our EOS stuff so happy to answer any questions if helpful.
Officially, EOS has an agreement with and is also preparing to launch EOS One (i.e. not beta) at some point soon ish. But it’s important that people use whatever platform makes the most sense for them.

One of the main reasons I haven’t seriously looked into implementing an EOS based product (as a developer) on is the licensing of the trademarks. EOS is such a litigious company that I determined there is no viable way to implement anything based on the process and succeed since you can’t so much as mention EOS anywhere or even allude to using it a product for EOS as a commercial entity.